Paul Kropp's Complete Book List

Four information books for parents and teachers: Write Genre
  • The Write Genre, Pembroke/Stenhouse, 2004 (with Lori Jamison)
  • How to Make Your Child a Reader for Life, Random House, 2000; Doubleday, 2000 - an updated and revised version of The Reading Solution: Making Your Child a Reader for Life, Random House, 1993.
  • I'll be the Parent, You be the Kid, Random House, 1998; Perseus, 2001
  • The School Solution, Random House, 1995

Running the Bases coverNine young-adult novels for teenagers:
  • Homerun: another book not about baseball (Doubleday Canada, 2006)
  • Running the Bases: definitely not a book about baseball (Doubleday Canada, 2005)
  • The Countess and Me (Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2002)
  • Moonkid and Prometheus (Stoddart, 1997)
  • Ellen/Elena/Luna (Prentice Hall, 1992)
  • You've Seen Enough (Prentice Hall, 1991, a revision of his first novel Wilted)
  • The Rock (Stoddart, 1989)
  • Moonkid and Liberty (Stoddart, 1988)
  • Getting Even (Seal, 1986)
  • Wilted (Coward McCann, 1980, Dell, 1982).

Fifteen HIP Sr. novels (grades 4-10):

  • Tag Team (HIP 2002) Playing chicken cover
  • Street Scene (HIP 2002)
  • Scarface (HIP 2002)
  • Hitting the Road (HIP 2002)
  • My Broken Family (HIP 2002)
  • Show Off (HIP 2003)
  • Playing Chicken (HIP 2003)
  • Ghost House (HIP 2003)
  • Caught in the Blizzard (HIP 2003)
  • Student Narc (HIP 2004)
  • The Kid is Lost! (HIP 2004)
  • Against All Odds (HIP 2004)
  • Avalanche (HIP 2005)
  • One Crazy Night (HIP 2005)
  • Juvie (HIP 2006)
  • Foul Shot (HIP 2007)

Five HIP Jr. novels (grades 3-6):

  • The Crash (HIP 2005)
  • Three Feet Under (HIP 2005)
  • Shooting the Rapids (HIP 2006)
  • I Didn't Do It! (HIP 2007)
  • Winner (HIP 2008)

Three HIP Edge novels (grades 7 to adult):

    • Behind the Door (HIP 2007)
    • The Edge is Burning (HIP 2008)
    • Death on the Sidewalk (HIP 2010)

Five illustrated books for young children:
  • What a Story (Scholastic 2002) Illustrated by Loris Lesynski
  • Casey and the Beanstalk (CBC 2004) Illustrated by Matt Melanson
  • Mr. Dressup's Castle (CBC 2004) Illustrated by Matt Melanson
  • Casey's First Day(CBC 2004) Illustrated by Evelyn Shifflett
  • Mr. Dressup is Lost! (CBC 2004) Illustrated by Evelyn Shifflett

Four novels for younger readers (grades 4-7): Ski Stooges cover
  • System Crash (1998) A novel for Scholastic's Literacy Place program
  • Ski Stooges (1992),
  • Cottage Crazy (1988),
  • Fast Times with Fred (1986). All originally published by Scholastic ... and now out of print.

Nineteen novels in Series Canada for reulctant readers (grade 5 and up), written between 1978 and 1992, now out-of-print:

Split Up, Head Lock, Tough Stuff, Get Lost, Take Off, Amy's Wish, Micro Man, Gang War, Baby,Baby, Snow Ghost, Wild One, Dead On, Dirt Bike, Fair Play, No Way, Dope Deal, Runaway, Hot Cars, Burn Out.

Copies of these vintage books are no longer available in Canada. In the US, these are available from EMC Paradigm as "The Encounter Series".

Nine novels in Series 2000 for readers grade 6 and up, now out-of-print:

Blizzard, Riot in the Street, The Victim Was Me, We Both Have Scars, Not Only Me, Baby Blues, Under Cover, Death Ride, Jo's Search.

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